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Joel Bauer

"As a marketing consultant having turned huge companies around, I've been impressed. David Newby teaches you principles of financial leverage that enable you to grow the money you have and to transfer the skillsets to your children. This book is essential to not only read but to implement."



Why Didn't Anyone Teach Me This?
Discover The Financial Secrets They Should Have Taught You In School To Ensure Your Prosperity in Today's Economy





David Newby will show you how you may be literally throwing away your last chance for a comfortable retirement- and he will reveal to you how to master money, make sure you retire as comfortably as possible, and leave a purposeful, lasting legacy with your life that goes way beyond money in this fresh, powerful book.


Using the 6 simple steps laid out in the book, David went from growing up on welfare and being laid off at age 23 to semi-retiring at age 32. Countless readers of this book have enriched their lives dramatically following his 6-step formula (see Testimonials), and you will enrich yourself and have more financial peace of mind following the 6 steps to financial freedom in this easy-to-read book too.






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Strategies to Unleash the Prosperity ALREADY Within You


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Discover some of the key financial benefits you'll get from David's exclusive yet simple to implement 6-step formula for financial freedom found in "Why Didn't Anyone Teach Me This?"  From how to ensure your prosperity in ANY economy, to the #1 mistake you're likely making that is costing you $1 Million or more and how to fix it, and much more...



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