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Joel Bauer, author/ consultant to billionaires

"As a best-selling author having turned huge companies around, I've been impressed. David Newby gives you the skillsets to grow your money and pass that knowledge on to your children. Is this important? It's one of the most vital things you can do."


Minesh Baxi, Business Coach

"David Newby has tremendous expertise in the area of investing.  Through his knowledge, and his system, I was able to get a return of 50% in under 6 months. If you are looking to get more ideas on investing, I highly recommend David Newby.  


Steve Swanson, Biz Owner

"David Newby's taken away the excuse of 'money and finance is too complicated' from people's stepping up to be rich..."





Products by David Newby


Give Yourself and Your Family the ULTIMATE Gift today! (Great Gift Ideas)


Give yourself and those you love the gift of a financial advantage with one of our products below, and treat yourself to increased wealth while you're at it!


"Go wild and crazy with us celebrating- you can make it Christmas today!" -Love Horatio, Jimmy, Chris, and Tracy

(It's Christmas in July!!)

Also, part of your purchase (10%!) goes to CCT, a Philippines-based non-profit charity that helps poor people start their own businesses with microfinance loans to lift them out of poverty. In 2007, they did over 157,000 loans to help enrich families all over the country! They also teach their borrowers about civics, business planning, and how to experience the love of Christ. Feel GREAT knowing every time you enrich yourself and those you love, you're empowering the poorest of the poor ("the least of these" as Christ calls them) at the same time!


1. Prosperity Power System

My flagship 8-step system that enables you to create TOTAL financial freedom in the next 7 years or less using insider wealth-building techniques of multi-millionaires and billionaires. Includes manual, 6 DVDs, 6 audio CDs, 8 worksheets, and my Billion Dollar Rolodex of connections to help you implement your customized blueprint.


All the details are here.



2. "Why Didn't Anyone Teach Me This?" book

For over 50 years now, 9 out of 10 Americans have retired broke. In my book I give you a simple, easy-to-follow plan to make sure you avoid this fate. I'll give you strategies to identify and replace limiting beliefs that are keeping you from being wealthy, show you how to protect what you already have while you're building your nestegg, and reveal how to create true, lasting financial security for yourself and your family.


Check it out right now here.



3. Association of International Cashflow Investors

Things are changing faster and faster in the financial markets. It seems every few months something happens that defies conventional wisdom, and the "old rules" of money are working less and less to deal with today's complexities. Our monthly coaching call will help you take advantage of the latest money trends.


Learn more about Association membership and my monthly program here.



4. 'Insider Secrets Revealed' Report

Most people falsely believe they have to pay sky-high taxes while the rich get all the best tax breaks. NOT TRUE! "Insider Secrets Revealed: What Banks and Financial Planners Hopy You NEVER Discover" shows you how YOU can pay single-digit taxes just like Warren Buffet and Bill Gates do. This report covers ONE of the 8 steps from the Prosperity Power system, and with it you can NOW save $1000+/month in overpayments and have peace of mind all at once.


Discover what 'Insider Secrets Revealed' can do for you here.





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