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Steve Swanson

"David Newby's taken away the excuse of 'money and finance is too complicated' from people's stepping up to be rich..."



Sample Chapters


Are you taking unnecessary financial risks?
Do you want to know for sure you'll be O.K. when you retire?
Are you encountering financial challenges?
All these concerns can be addressed...When you apply the right information!



Here are some key benefits you'll discover in the book:

  • Why you MUST break the law (a little-known economic law) to ever get ahead... no matter how much you earn (page 57)

  • A proven exercise that allows you to create your ideal lifestyle more effortlessly than you ever dreamed possible (page 24)

  • How to make yourself layoff-proof for life and retire in 6 years or less (page 101)

  • The most important thing you must give your family to create multi-generational wealth.  It's NOT money (page 87)

  • The mistake almost everyone makes saving for retirement that actually costs them $1,000,000 or more- and how to fix it (page 78)

  • How to ensure your prosperity- in a good OR bad economy


Select from the different versions of the Foreword and Introduction below and see what simple-to-follow solutions lie just around the corner for you.


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Book's Financial Benefits

Discover some of the key financial benefits you'll get from David's exclusive yet simple to implement 6-step formula for financial freedom found in "Why Didn't Anyone Teach Me This?"  From how to ensure your prosperity in ANY economy, to the #1 mistake you're likely making that is costing you $1 Million or more and how to fix it, and much more...





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